How does Ethnicity and Culture Influence Identity?

Task Instructions


Task Instructions

1. Based on the groups that have been assigned to you, you will research a particular ethnicity or culture based on the following table:

Group 1Apache Tribe- New Mexico


Group 2Fulani People - Benin, Africa


Group 3Xhosa People - Bantu, Southern Africa


Group 4 Padung Tribe - North West Thailand 


2. Watch the short video about your assigned cultural group to find out about the rite of passage that you will be learning about. 

3. Work collaboratively in your groups to find out the following questions about this group of people:

    a)  Who are they? ( who is this group of people, where to they come from, what culture or ethnicity to they belong to?)

    b) What is the rite of passage that occurred during the video?

    c) How long has this rite of passage been around for? (Describe this rite of passage in terms of its cultural tradition)

    d) Describe the rite of passage (What are the sequential steps of this ritual) 


Note: Work collaboratively here. Think about dividing the research questions between group members. You will find some of these answers in the video but you are expected to do your own further research to add depth to your answers. 

4. Working independently now, answer the following questions in the same word document:

    a) Evaluate the change in identity that occurs once the rite of passage is over (What happens to the individual? What changes about their     sense of self, their identity? Does failure to complete the rite affect their inclusion into the group?)

    b) Describe a rite of passage(coming of age event) from your own ethnicity or culture that affects the formation of identity in a similar way     (e.g. 18th birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera, Sweet 16)

   c) What change or influence on identity does this rite of passage bring to the individual?

   d) Analyse some other examples of the way your own ethnicity or culture has shaped your identity? (Beliefs and values that you follow, physical identifiers, your behaviour, the way you see yourself etc.)

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