Exploring the Oceans of the World



  • You will be placed into groups of 4 students
  • You will each be assigned to one ocean
  • You will also choose one ocean mammal from that ocean and study it
  • You complete a one page write up about your specific ocean mammal.
  • You will finally make a poster or a discovery book, for example to conclude your findings, including the ocean mammal as well as the ocean you've studied.  You must include the ocean's geographical location!
  • Each student in the group will make their own posters.  Then as a whole, the group will present their posters or discovery book to the class.

Links: click on the links below for help in your ocean adventure!


  • File
    Description: Teacher write up to help students complete the activity

  • File
    Description: Power Point Lesson, Exploring the major oceans of the world

  • File
    Description: Oceans and their bordering continents

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