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Here are your instructions to complete the WebQuest.

Part 1

Break into your pre-determined groups (no more than 4 people per team). Within your groups, first  review the prospect's request and make sure you all understand what is being requested. The client request is documented and attached. You should also do any materials calculations in your team discussion.

After reviewing the propsect request, as a group determine the team strategy to meet the request. Then, determine how you will divide the work. For example, different people research different items or different people research different websites.

Part 2

Do your research using the sites provided in the links section below. For Lowes and Home Depot, you can find all the items you need. Amazon will have some of the requested items, but not all of them. The Lumber Liquidators and Sherwin Williams sites are specialized sites for flooring and paint respectively.

Part 3

Get back together as a team and bring all the gathered information to see how it all fits. Do the color schemes match? Does the combined cost of all the items found fit within the budget? Do you think you've met what the prospect requested? Do you want to do more research and revise anything before you finalize your proposal?

Part 4

You are to create two things to show the prospect. 

1) A presentation using a tool of your choosing (e.g. PowerPoint, Adobe Spark or Prezi). Other tools besides the three examples are fine. The presentation should include pictures of the items selected, the color scheme chosen and other details that will help you make the sale. (You will actually show or present the presentation to your class). Remember, you are trying to prove that you know what the prospect wants and have the best proposal. The presentation should be no more than 5 minutes in length.

2) A detailed spreadsheet showing itemized costs and how it compares to the budget target from the prospect. The spreadsheet should include the items, links if possible, any specifics about your choice, where they come from, original cost and sales price if applicable. Be detailed and be creative. Remember, you are trying to make a sale! (The spreadsheet will not need to be presented. It will, however, be reviewed by the teacher and graded using the provided rubric.)



Web Link
  • Home Depot
    Description: Home Depot - link for finding kitchen remodel material

Web Link
  • Lowes
    Description: Lowes - link for finding kitchen remodel material

Web Link
  • Amazon
    Description: Description: Amazon - link for finding kitchen remodel material

Web Link
  • Lumber Liquidators
    Description: Lumber Liquidators - link for finding kitch remodel flooring

Web Link
  • Sherwin Williams
    Description: Sherwin Williams - link for finding kitchen remodel paint

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