This project is done on an individual basis, not group or team is required to achieve the stated objectives .


task number 1 requires you to invest your money in four stocks -- here is the process  = there are two ways to invest money in stocks either by going to the bank or by chosing a market you want to trade in for  exmaple in lebanon if you want to buy stocks of the internet you go to www.bse.com.lb.


task number 2 requires you to develop a strategy that will allow you to know what stock to invest in . for an investor we recomend him/her to go to the following websites and check weather the stock is increasing or decreasing in value . www.bloomberg.com or www.reuters.com . these webpages have information about daily transactions that occur in the market .


task number 3 requires your to develop a statistical analysis to see how the stock is developing , for you to be able to develop the analysis , you should keep record of the value paid for the stock was when you bought it till another four years ... this will enable you to see wether the value depricated or increased . for more information please visit http://finance.yahoo.com/?u


task number 4 requires you to develop a financial analysis to diffrentiate between four  stocks . inorder to do so you should pile up information about what comapny the stock belongs to (shipping , oil , steal ,ect ) and to deffrentiate even more you can go to any of the websites below and see how each one is preforming and for how much each stock is sold .

ex: a stock in a metal comapny can cost 40 $ today

      a stock in a gold company can cost 1000$

diffrentiation is very easily done among stocks




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