Los Jovenes en Latin America



MLII.CCC5 The students develop and apply target language skills and cultural knowledge beyond the classroom setting for recreational, educational, and occupational purposes. The students:
A. Compare and contrast traditions, such as holidays, foods, and celebrations.

B. Compare and contrast social conventions of the target culture(s) with the students’ own cultures, such as handshaking and kissing on the cheek.

C. Compare and contrast the geography of the countries of the target language and the students’ own country and discuss its impact on culture.

MLII.CCC2 The students demonstrate an understanding of the similarities and differences between the culture(s) studied and those of the students’ own culture. The students:

A. Illustrate how the target language and culture(s) studied are evident in and through media, entertainment, and technology.

B. Locate and use resources in the target language, such as individuals and organizations accessible through the community or the Internet to reinforce basic cultural knowledge.



***All the websites are found on Welcome Page****

At the computer:

Day 1:  Using the websites below, research typical clothing that Argentine teenagers wear.  Next, find traditional clothing Argentine gauchos wear.  In Word, write three sentences in Spanish about the typical teenager outfit and three about the gaucho outfit. Insert a picture of each outfit on the same page as the sentences.  Put your name and class period in the header and print the pages.  Be sure and save it to your folder on the T drive.  Each student must turn in his/her own work for this activity.

Day 2:  Using the websites below, find at least 2 types of music that are popular in Argentina.  Using Project Gallery, design a concert poster in Spanish that shows 2 different artists, one from each type of music.  The poster must be double-sided and include 2 artists, their genres/types of music, dances that go with the music (if applicable), popular or hit songs, ticket prices in local currency, and a venue and concert details.  Put your names on it.  Create only one poster per pair.

Day 3 Using the websites below, research typical foods in Argentina.  You have two options for this activity.  

Option 1 - In PowerPoint, design 3 slides - one for each meal.  Put pictures of the food and drinks on each slide and write 2 sentences describing each meal in Spanish.  Each slide should contain at least 5 items.  Have a title slide with your names before the meal slides.  Save it to your folder on your OneDrive.

Option 2 - In Project Gallery, create a menu with at least 15 items, including food and drinks.  Make a catchy name for your restaurant, provide prices in the local currency, and put your names as the chefs at the bottom of the menu.  Print a copy in color and save it to your folder on the T drive.  NOTE:  For both of these options, only one per pair is required to be submitted.

Day 4:  Using the websites listed    on Welcome page, research what education is like in Argentina.

In Word, write a paragraph in Spanish about how long their school days are, which months are included in their school year, and what subjects are required.  You may also add extra-curricular activities.  Save the paper on the T drive and print a copy.  For extra credit, research a university in Argentina and write 3 sentences about why you would want to attend there.  Each student must write a 5-sentence paragraph, have a title, and put his/her name on it. 

Day 5:  Using the websites below, research family and cultural traditions in Argentina.  Using www.punchbowl.com or www.evite.com, you and your partner need to create an invitation in Spanish to a celebration in Argentina.  Be sure to include the purpose of the party, what guests should wear, the activities to take place, and any food that will be served.  The title should include the name of the festival/celebration.  Send the e-mail invitation to senoraware@gmail.com  to be counted for credit.  Print a final copy of the invitation for your record and portfolio.  Design one invitation per pair.

Day 6 Using the websites listed below, research typical activities for teenagers in Argentina.  You may choose different regions to get a broader idea of what students around the country like to do.  Choose the activity that interests you the most.  Using Word, write a paragraph in Spanish that compares that activity with something you enjoy doing at home.  Save it to your folder on the T drive and print a copy.  Be sure to put your name on it.  Each student must submit his/her own paragraph.  

Day 7:  You and your partner need to write a skit in Spanish with your partner using Project Gallery or Word.  The skit must contain information from your research.  Write it from the point of view of two teenagers spending the day together in Argentina.  What will they wear?  What will they eat?  What will they study in school?  What music to they like?  What activities do they enjoy?  What festival will their families celebrate?  Double-check your grammar and spelling.  Have each partner�s part in his/her own color.  (Example:  all of Jorge�s parts are in red and all of Leila�s parts are in blue.)  Each person must have a minimum of 8 lines.  Put your names in the header, save it to your folder on the T drive, and print 3 copies.  Submit one skit per pair.

 In the classroom:

Day 8 Record the skit in class with your partner on your phone.  You may use the script.  Speak clearly, loudly, and with enthusiasm!  You may come in costume and bring props or food for extra credit.  Each pair should have 3 minutes of presentation.

Day 9:Groups will swap videos so that they can view another pairs presentation

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