Beyond the Gas Giants

The Adventure


This activity has three different steps in it. To complete the adventure, you must complete all three activities. 

First, you have been given two texts! Read them and become familiar with them. You will need them for the other two activities.

Secondly: You are to complete the attached space flight activity by yourself. For this activity, you will need a computer, copies of both books, pencil, paper, and access to the internet. (You can use cell phones if you wish.) Complete the space flight activity and gather all of the data that you have obtained using it into one place. You will need it for the final assignment. 

Thirdly: Get into groups of five. Using a giant cardboard box, glue, scissors, construction paper, foam balls, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, and metal, you will construct a model that includes five galaxies. (One per person in the group.) You will group these galaxies together, interconnecting them, showing how all galaxies interact with one another to form the universe! 


Web Link
  • The Space Adventure
    Description: We need your help to pilot the shuttle! Take the controls and get us through this!



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