Your mission is to complete each task as you rotate through the decimal stations. If you need help completing a task at any station, you may raise your hand and wait for Mrs. Muhammad or a student lead from your station to assist you. After you complete each station Mrs. Muhammad will check your work before you can move on. Now grab your equipment (paper, notes and pencil) and get ready for decimaling! (Show your WORK)

Decimal Station 1:
To explore the many layers of decimals, login to Frontrow Ed and complete the task assigned to you. You will work with reading, writing, and comparing decimals to the thousandths place. Use your notes as a reference and access the videos on Frontrow Ed for additional support. Click below to start exploring!


Decimal Station 2:

After completing adaptive practice on the foundational skills of decimals it's time to move to the next level. You are now ready to shoot for the stars with adding and subtracting decimals. You must score 10 pts. to move on to the next station. (Don't forget to write the problem and your answer!)



Decimal Station 3:

Yay! You've made it to the final station! You are now ready to view the multiplying and dividing decimals videos on Brainpop and complete the quiz. 


Congratulations, you've completed the decimaling tasks! See Mrs. Muhammad for your prize.

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