E-Cigarettes and Vaping



  1.  Go to the website https://e-cigarettes.surgeongeneral.gov/getthefacts.html
  2. Go to "Get the Facts" at the top of the page
  3. Open up a blank word document and copy/paste the following questions onto it. Answer each question thoroughly:
  4. - What is the power source that vaporizes the liquid in e-cigarettes?

    - When you click on “Business trends”, how much money has the e-cigarette industry spent on advertising their products?

    - When you click on “Usage Trends”, what is the most commonly used form of tobacco used

    - by youth in the U.S.?

    - When you click on “Appeal”, what are some reasons for using e-cigarettes?

    - When you click on “Teen Beliefs”, what did more than 6 of 10 American teens believe about e-cigarettes?

    - When you click on “Public Health Impact”, list at least three potential risks of using e-cigarettes.
  5. Now go to "Know the Risks" at the top of the page, copy and paste these questions, and answer them thoroughly:
  6. - Why are young people more likely to take risks with their health and safety, including use of nicotine and other drugs?

    - What are some risks youth take when they are exposed to nicotine? (list at least three).

    - Until about what age does the brain still grow?

    - Why can adolescents get addicted more easily than adults?

    - E-cigarette use among youth and young adults is strongly linked to the use of what?

    - What are the risks of the aerosol used in e-cigarettes?

    - How are the e-cigarette batteries a risk?
  7. Now, write a small speech including all of the information found in the "task" tab to tell the 12th grader about e-cigarettes when you see them. This should be included on your word document with the questions above.

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