Phase 1

We will go over the rules and different positions of field. We will be playing softball for the next three weeks and we will pick new teams every Monday so everyone has the opportunity to play with each classmate. 

Phase 2 

Day 1- picking teams and playing softball

Day 2- Softball

Day 3- Short Day: You will run the mile as you always do

Day 4- Softball

Day 5- Softball

Phase 3- Performing Skill Video

Students will be required to break down the fundamental skill (over hand throw) as it relates to the three phases of learning: preparation, action, and follow through. Groups would then decide how to piece their project together. The first option is to actually film themselves performing the skill as it relates to the three phases as another student narrates the technical components. Video editing tools found online and provided by the teacher would then be used to create a video that is 3-5 minutes in length. A second option is to use television and recording equipment to put a “montage” together of professionals performing the skill. Different segments of video would then be edited together to demonstrate competency, with a written summary of each segment describing the action and technical aspects of throwing.


Web Link

Web Link
  • Over Hand
    Description: Full technique to help with your video

Web Link
  • Over Hand
    Description: Little Boy Showing Full Technique

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