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Alright, grade 3/4 journalists get ready! Below you will find your quests. With each task you will have to visit a webpage and listen or read information to answer your question. 

Webquest #1: Homes
Watch the videos below on First Nations homes to understand how they were built and with what materials.

First Nations Homes

Pit house

1. What were First Nations homes called? Name 5 if possible.
2. What types of materials did they use to make them? List as many as you can.
3. Why did each group/area have a different type of house?

Webquest #2: Clothing

Look at the pictures and text to help you answer these questions:

Plateau People Clothes

4. What would the First Nations people wear?
5. What was their clothing made of?
6. Did men and women wear the same thing?

Webquest #3:  Tools

Go to the Museum of Anthropology website and type each of the following words into the search bar for pictures.  What was each used for?





Webquest #4: Food

Visit and read the information found on this website:

 Plateau People Food

7. What types of food did First Nations people eat?
8. How did they get their food?

Webquest #5:  Religion and Beliefs

The First Nations people hold many beliefs. After reading over this webpage and watching this video:
9. Name 3 important animals to first nations myths.
10. What is the potlatch ceremony about?

Webquest #6: Legends

The First Nations people have many legends that they pass onto the younger generations.
According to this video:
11. How was North America formed?
12. Is this a legend you would believe to be true? Why or why not?

Congratulations you have completed all of your quests! 

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