Electricity production in Czech Republic



This project is going to take you 5 weeks to complete. All text must be in english! 

The first week you have to create group of 5 people. Teachers should explain all the necessities and what does he expect from the students in very clear manner in order to reduce confusion. 

The second week is all about splitting the work between the group members. Make sure everybody contributes! Do not throw it all on one person. 

The third week should be dedicated to your research. This is your most important part of the project. 

The fourth week due date to submit your results. Also used your time left to orginize and prepare yoour presentation to be presented in front of the class. You should also start working on your short essays. 

The fiveth week is dedicated to presenting your work in front of the class. 


Do not use just wikipedia. It is not bad source of information, but point of the whole task is to assemble as much infromation as you can from various resources to create certain frame. Using only one source will lead to lack of information and diversity in your research. It is for your best interest to search for infromation in english, because your final work, presentation and speech will be ONLY in english. 

Here are few links for inspiration: 

    https://www.cez.cz/en/cez-group/cez-group.html - Official CEZ site where you can find more information about the biggest supplier of electricity in Czech republic, as well as download safety informational leaflet about safety around electricity. 

    http://4liberty.eu/electro-energy-sector-in-czech-republic-present-situation-opportunities-and-threats - General information about current electricity production in the Czech republic.

    http://www.geni.org/globalenergy/library/national_energy_grid/czech-republic/EnergyOverviewofCzechRepublic.shtml - an enegry overview of the Czech republic

    http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Consumption_of_energy - electricity consuption statistic

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_in_Europe - about  electricity production, consumption and import in Europe.

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