Life After High School: What is REALLY important to know?



First off, each group of four students will decide on a role for each group member. The four different roles are The Accountant, The Penny Pincher, The Beggar, and The Average Joe. It is imperative for each person to dig into their roles and to learn as much as they can. Don't cheat yourself or your partners!

The Accountant- You are our taxes expert! The goal for you is to find out as much as you can about taxes and to take notes. Finding out the basics, how filing works, how you can save the most, loopholes, etc. are your job to figure out. Taxes can be tricky, so make sure to read carefully.

            Helpful Links:

Taxes 101

Important tax lingo

Go to this site as a group to complete some activities about taxes!!!

The Penny Pincher- You are our budget expert. Your job is to figure out the best way to pay all of the bills and still save up a little more money at the end of the each month. To start, take a shot at balancing the national budget.  After you have done this, check out these links for a few extra tips on budgeting. They have some really good ideas in these.

Federal Budgeting Tips

Celebrity Inspiration

Federal Help pt. 2

The Beggar- You are the loans expert. Your task is to learn allllll about the nitty gritty when it comes to them. What qualifies you for one? Who doesn't qualify?  What is credit? Here are some links to explore to help with your search.

Loans/Finance Crash Course

Loans 101

Credit Scores

Marriage complications

Practice with interest rates

The Average Joe- For you, Joe, whether that is your name or not, have the most interesting task. You will be engaging in activities with your classmates all at the same time, bouncing from person to person, while gaining info on their topic and learning as much as you can from them about it. As the Average Joe, you will be in charge of the crafting and presenting part of the project. You will rely on your classmates research and newfound knowledge to build some kind of craft representing what your group has learned, and also spearhead the presentation of said craft. You can get as creative as you want with this, just have realistic expectations and don't spend too much time or money where it is not needed.  

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