Introduction to Google Slides and other Google Classroom Elements. Self Introductions



1.  The first step is to decide what areas of your life you are going to focus on in this Google Slides presentation.  You are going to need to pick at least 5. Ideas are: hobbies, places you have been, sports, schools, family, career ambitions, favorite (actor, tv show, car, poet, writer, movie producer, musician).  Anything that interests you will be perfect for this.  The more honest you about what interests you the more we will truly learn about you from this presentation.  The more we learn about you, the more successfully we will understand you and your ambitions.  Feeling understood is an important part of life.  So lets start this year out with a good understanding of each other.

2.  Next acquaint yourself with Google Slides.  You might be wondering why Google Slides is the tool I have picked for this presentation?  Use this tutorial to figure out the answer to that question.


3. Next you will need to start using Google Slides.  Do not worry about having pictures of yourself for this presentation.  Some of you may have them online, some of you may not.  They are not important because we will see you while you are giving the presentation. You will be using other visual aids in your presentation.

3a. Open up Google Slides on your computer.  

3b. Chose blank presentation, we will add design templates at a later time.

3d. You are given a blank slide that reads Click to add title and Click to add subtitle.  Your job is to come up with a title for your presentation.  Its your job to be creative at this point.  You can always come back to this page later and change your title. Also make sure to include your name somewhere on this page.

3e. Congratulations you have now completed your first Google slide for this presentation.  Click on the box on the top menu bar with a plus (+)From here you can chose to insert a new slide.  After you press insert new slide you will be given the Slide Layout screen to chose what type of slide you want.  Feel free to play around with different slide formats to make your presentation more exciting.  Next click the link below to learn more about slide layouts.


4.  Now that you have got the hang of how to use some of the basics of Google Slides I want you to start collecting your research for your slides.  I need you to pick 5 things about yourself that you are going to present to the class.  They  can be sports you enjoy watching or playing, Places you have been or want to go, famous people you have met or would like to meet, favorite websites, colleges you want to attend after high school, carrers you want to have.  Anything that has something to do with you.

5.  For each thing you pick about yourself I need you to use the internet to find information about that topic and pictures about that topic.  You will need to use a search engine such as www.google.com for this part.  You can copy this information to your Goolge Slides if you say where you got it from or just change it into your own words.  Make one slide at least for each topic.

6.  You should now have at least 6 slides full of information and visual aids.  Next we will focus on formatting your slides to look aesthetically pleasing using the design template.

6a. Click Format on the top menu bar and scroll down to apply design template.  Search through these template and try to find one you like.

6b. Once you think you have found one you like, click on it and press apply.  You will now see your presentation in a whole new light.  If you like the design template that you have applied you are done with this section.  If you do not like it please start over at 6a.

7.  Your last task is to add transitions to your Google Slides.  This is not a requirement of all Google Slides presentations, but we will make it a requirement of this first Google Slides presentation so that you have experience with them. 

8.  Your final step is to show your work to me (turn it in.)   When you have completed this step you will be ready to present to the class or create a short video using the CLIPS app on the ipad.   Use the Rubric for help earning your second credit.

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