Verbal Venom


1. You will use the resources above to answer the questions in a group of 2-3 people.

2. Use this information and relate it to the scenario. As a group, decide if the scenario represent verbally abusive behavior? Make a list of connections that support Jason's theory (Robert is in a verbally abusive relationship) or that oppose his inclination. 

3. Use your new information and list to come to a conclusion and write Jason one letter per group explaining why he is correct or incorrect on his assumption. In the letter you must define Verbal Abuse and state three reasons why he is correct or incorrect. Be sure to use specific examples from the scenario to support your reasoning. If you feel Robert is in a verbal relationship, give Jason some advise on how to help Robert out of the situation.

4. You will give a short presentation on what you have written and why. This presentation will last no longer than 3 minutes and include what you feel to be the most important take away from this assignment.

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