Recording Artist Craze!



Phase 1: 

For the first phase of this quest you will use information from the following websites to gather information on the recording artist of your choice. 

  • Wikipedia
  • Ticketmaster
  • GoogleMaps 
  • Google

With Wikipedia you will gather basic biographical information such as: 

  • Current Age
  • Hometown 
  • Current residence
  • Married, if so, to whom?
  • Children?
  • Various information you deem "cool!"

Through Ticketmaster you will search for your musician and find out if they are currently touring. If so, locations and the highest and lowest price of tickets. If your artist is not touring, use a search engine such as Google.com to find out past locations and ticket prices. 

After that information has been procured, use the free service of GoogleMaps and find out the closest touring location for our school's address (provided on the board, or found on the school website). 

Phase 2: 

Once all of the required information has been obtained, it should be written down so it can be easily read and accessed. When all the information has been transcribed, you need to write two paragraphs as to why we should go see this musician in concert! Remember to use the information found to convince me-- distance and cost could play a factor. 

Phase 3: 

When finished, each student will have five minutes to present their findings to their myself and their classmates. 


Web Link
  • Wikipedia
    Description: Use this to find basic information on your recording artist.

Web Link
  • Google.com
    Description: Use this search engine to find any information you did not find from the other websites provided.

Web Link
  • Ticketmaster
    Description: Use this site to find current tour dates, locations, and ticket prices.

Web Link
  • GoogleMaps
    Description: Use this web service to find concert locations in relation to our school.

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