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The process will require that the class be divided in groups or teams. It is  assumed that student would have had prior knowledge in using spreadsheet and word processing software. 


The school would like to convince the farmers in the school community to gradually implement greenhouse technology in the production of sweet peppers for the hotel sector. You will conduct an investigation using the existing green house at school to determine how efficient it would be to grow sweet peppers in the green house so as to convince the community farmers. You will provide your findings at a community meeting. The aim is to convince farmers of economic benefits from farming.

Step 1:

You will need to visit the School's Green house to ascertain the length and width. Using the measurement you will then calculate the number of rows that can be placed in the green house given that the with of each row is 2 feet. Determine the number of seedlings that it would require to be planted in the green house given that each seedling is to be planted 12 inches a part. 

Step 2:

Conduct and investigation on how long it would take for seeds to germinate, and what is the best suited way of sowing seeds for planting in the green house. Select a preferred method and note the expense that you would incur using the method you have chosen. You can choose to research on the internet or interview Agriculture Science teacher.

Step 3:

Investigate what are the major factors that would affect the plants and document any cost associated in solving or reducing the impact on the production of the crop.

Step 4:

On average given that 90% of the plants matured and bore fruits. You will estimate the yield per tree to be 150 pounds per week. The crop lasted for 5 weeks. The market price was $300 per pound at the first week. Using your spreadsheet calculate your total expenditure as well as the total income if the price increase by 15% each week.

Step 5:

Using your knowledge of spreadsheets create a chart to compare your weekly income. Compare your Total expenditure vs. Total Income.

Step 6:

Provide a written report stating factors that would limit production, ways of improving productivity of the crop.  Your report should capture why you would recommend planting the crop into a green house as opposing to open field. State which method would be more profitable. The presentation should be done using slide presentation and should include audio, video and text.

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