Task 1- 

Phase One- Gathering Information:

- First, you will find the video below about sequencing words. You and your partner will pull up the video and watch the video about sequencing words.

-As you are watching the video, you and your partner will fill in a bubble map graphic organizer. In the organizer you will write information about what you have learned in the video about sequencing words. 

- Prior to raising your hand—Think of three question you have and write them on the bottom of your bubble map. 

- When you are finished raise your hand and I will come to you and your partner area. We will then discuss the video together and what you learned. In this discussion, I want you to ask the three question to me, and discuss why you have these question and possibly answer to the question.


- After you watched the video on sequencing, go to the link listed below and play the activity to help you sequence stories.


Task 2-

Phase 2- Processing Information:

- Second, you will listen to the book with your partner: “The Three Little Pigs” Retold by Nicolas Baxter.

- While listening to the story I want you to pay attention to key details such as beginning, middle, and end.

- While listening you and your partner will draw a picture for each scene of the section of the story. Please, leave room under your picture for writing. 


- Within your group you are going to answer these question under each picture you drew—

                                     A. What happens in the beginning of the story? (Please use sequencing words when explaining. EX: First, the three little pigs….)
                                     B. What happens in the middle of the story? (Please use sequencing words when explaining. EX: Second, the pigs….)
                                     C. What happens in the end of the story? (Please use sequencing words when explaining. EX: Third, the pigs…)

Phase 2 Continued- Gathering Information

-Third, you and your partner will watch the video and answer the questions.

- Pay close attention to the details being used within the story. 

- On your paper, I want you to pick out the sequencing words you hear and write them in the graphic organizer.



                                   A. What sequencing words did the students use?

                                   B. Explain how sequencing words helped us to understand the story they told about the hare, and the tortoise?

                                   C. What would have happened if the sequencing words where not in the story? 

                                   D. Explain the importance of sequencing words? How do we use them every day, even if we may not say them?
Task 4-

Phase 3: Reflection of Thinking

- Lastly, students will listen to the book, “The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar” By Eric Carle.

- During this story read, draw picture to demonstrate what happened in the story in order. This will be used to reflect back to when writing your Essay/Summary on the book.


- As an individual, you will be required to write an essay/summary on the book. You will need to use the sequencing words you have learned in the prior task.

- Please, reference your bubble map from Phase 1, and the picture you drew while watching the movie to produce your Summary on the book, with proper sequencing words.

- After you do this, I want you to write your own story, with sequencing to tell about your average day at school. Within, this paper I want you to use proper sequence words, capital letters, and punctuation. Please, remember this is how I will be grading you. This will be considered a Personal Narrative paper.

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