I bake! that's my superpower



You are walking towards the door when you remember that there is a password.

One of those things that sounds really easy but can be extremely challenging

_ _ _ _ _ _

After you got the password, you remember to watch out the four cabinets in the kitchen.

You opened the first cabinet and you found out ..... 


You jot down notes on a Microsoft Word because you know this would help a lot of people 

You drink lots of water because you are so tired of the first task.

Next, you opened the second cabinet and found something good to eat. It was a bunch of cookies


You tasted the cookies and it was good.. It was perfect for the unfortunate people.

Again you write the recipe of cookies on the Microsoft Word.

After you write down all the recipe you realize that dark hours is coming and there are two cabinets left that you need to open.

You opened the third cabinet but there is no note. You got distracted by the sound coming from the refrigerator and then you see the note..... 


You then hear a shout coming from the window and it was SPIDERMAN

You double your time and jot down all the notes you need from the video about cakes.

You opened the last cabinet and it was....



"The dark hour is coming" Spiderman said, " You need to pick one type of baking products and make one." He added.  

Once you have chosen your ideal product from the different types of baking products presented above make one of it on your laboratory class.

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