The Story of Thanksgiving



First things first: You must assign roles for the members of your group.

Researcher: You will be in charge of doing the research for your group. You will navigate the online sources provided and locate the information to help the Recorder write the answers to the questions.

Record Keeper: You will take the information provided by the researcher and complete the "The Story of Thanksgiving: WebQuest" info sheet. 

Team Leader: You will be the time manager for the group. You will be responsible for keeping the group on task and making sure that you finish your task on time. You will also be responsible for helping the other members of your group complete their task.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Even though you each have a specific role, you are all responsible for the outcome of this WebQuest. You must help and support each other so that you all get the best grade possible. You will present ONE finished project for your group and all members will receive the same grade. Be sure to be a team player!

Step 1: let the wheel decide your role. Spin the wheel!

Step 2: After each of you has its role, you will do some research about one aspect of the celebration of Thanksgiving. 

Use the "The Story of Thanksgiving: WebQuest" sheet handed by the teacher to answer the questions. 

Use the following resource to find information to answer the questions. Use the information in the column corresponding to the title of your "The Story of Thanksgiving: WebQuest" info sheet.

For example, the group that has the info sheet "The Pilgrim Fathers" reads the column  "The Pilgrim Fathers."  

Step 3: Hand in the answers to the teacher. 

!!! Do not forget to write your names. 

Step 4: You can play the games in the column entitled "Games and Books about Thanksgiving".  


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