Integrating Technology


PHASE 1: Technology is an integral part of education and its usage is only growing. More and more schools are looking into use technologies to aid in the learning process. If you think of your past classrooms, do you remember any of them using extensive amounts of technology? Did any of your classrooms stay away from technology at all costs? If you answered yes to both questions, do you remember which class you were able to learn more from?

PHASE 2: Once you've completed phase 1, you can break into small groups of 3 or 4 students. Here, you will talk about your answers to the questions from phase 1. Once that is completed, everyone must spend about 5 minutes and create a brainstorm sheet of the different types of technologies that are available to the common man in today's society. Do this individually. After the 5 minutes, come together and discuss the different ideas that came up. Also, you will discuss which of these technologies you believe to be the most useful for classroom use. If at any time you or the group is confused, the teacher will be available to answer questions or provide extra information for clarification.

PHASE 3: As someone with little to no knowledge of technology, you also are unaware of what the different types or devices are. It is your groups job to find out some of these and see how they can apply to the classroom.
It is your duty to do the following:

1. Search the web for different types of technologies that could be used in a classroom for educational purposes. 

2. Collectively agree on and choose one of the devices or types of technology that you feel to be the most beneficial for use in the classroom.

3. Take your selected technology and make a PowerPoint presentation (no less than 4 reasons aka 4 slides) on why you believe it is the most beneficial. Make sure every student is contributing the same amount of effort to the project.  All students will fill out a group work rubric at the end to make sure all members have participated evenly.

4. Look at 5 other technologies available and make a pie chart on how useful you believe them to be in the classroom. This is based on the group's opinion that can be followed up by facts. This will allow you to become more credible in your point of view because you address the other opinions, yet show why you believe yours is the best.

5. Be ready to present your information to the class.

6. Be sure to complete a Group Rubric once you have finished presenting.

Use the following websites for reference:




Good luck!

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