Part 1: You will be interviewing your family about Thanksgiving. You can either record them on video and create a fun, silly video or record audio to make a MovieMaker presentation. You need to ask 8-10 questions, including the ones below:

1- What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

2- How has Thanksgiving changed over the years?

3- What are you Thankful for?

4- What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

The questions need to be phrased as if you are either a Youtube vlogger or a fun reporter on a TV show. 

Part 2: You will be researching online about your family's favorite dishes that you found in Part 1. You will need to find out these fun facts about it:

  • where it originates from
  • when was it first made
  • (if not from America) how did it first get made in America
  • what makes it significant for Thanksgiving
  • is this food culturally important

Afterwards, you need to make either a Powerpoint or Prexi presentation to tell the class what you found. You will present either present Part 1 or Part 2.

Part 3: This part will be extra credit if you turn it in, but still needs to be done to take home for the break. You will look up a fun, new recipe to try out this holiday season with your family. After you find it, write the recipe in an easier way to understand. To receive extra credit, after the break show me a picture of how it all turned out. I have included some links to help with your search.


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Web Link
  • Food Network
    Description: The recipe search for the Food Network channel.

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