Counting Coins



Your group will be split up into individual roles as follows: 

- One person will be the writer 

- One person will draw the pictures

- One person will tell the class about your groups mission (Narrator)

- One person will be the Martian 

The person who writes will be the person responsible for the groups packet. They will write everything in the packet that the group decides on together. The person who draws the pictures will be responsible for the markers and any other materials needed to complete the packet. This person will also draw anything that is needed in the packet. The narrator will tell the class what their group came up with in the packet. All members of the group will stand up there with this person and help them if they need it! Last but not least, the Martian will be the person who will listen to their group before they go up in front of the class. This way, the Martian can tell the group if they really understand coins!

 If you need help explaining coins to the Martian, try these websites to help you!

-Change Song! 

This is a song all about the coins and what they look like!

Learning Coins

This is a game to help you figure out what coins are

-Coin Names

This is a online test to help you figure out if you know the coins!

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