The Lost Colony of Roanoke



1.  You will view a video on The Lost Colony.

2.  You will conduct research related to the Roanoke mystery. 

The Roanoke Symbaloo consists of 27 tiles, each linked to an online source (i.e. article) about The Lost Colony. Each student will be assigned one source (tile) to analyze. 

3.  Read and study the  Main Theories page (attached) .

4.  Open the red  tile in the bottom right corner of the Roanoke Symbaloo.  Read and study the article discussing five main theories.

5.  Open your assigned tile to read the source, searching for sentences that discuss theories of what may have happened to the colonists. 

6.  Copy onto the Research Documentation page (attached) word for word, all such sentences. Place quotation marks around them.  

 Place in parentheses the tile color and number/letter representing the source e.g  (yellow 1), in the source column. 

                                   Hint: Read carefully the last paragraphs of articles. That is where the theories are often discussed.

7.   You will compose a journal entry when your research is done. Imagine yourself to be one of the colonists, Write several paragraphs expressing your thoughts and emotions as John White departs for England.

     You will write upon the Journal Entry page (attached), in first person narrative style ( i.e. "I feel ..." ).

     * Remember that the colonists are terrified of the Native Americans, low on food and supplies, faced with the worst drought in centuries; caring for children and infants.  Most of all, they are in a foreign land with no means of going home.

8.  You will then divide into six groups: groups 1-3  will consist of 5 students; groups 4-6 will consist of 4 students (total 27).

9.  Each member of the group will read their journal entry to the others. 

10.  The entire group will select the entry they consider the most moving.

11.  The group will select one member (not the author) to read that journal entry aloud to the entire class.

Please note:  This lesson may be extended. Time permitting, each student will present his/her research (quotes) to the class.

Students will then compose a second journal entry.  They will write a message to anyone who might come looking for them, to explain where they've gone and why.

They will choose the one theory they find the most plausible to explain the fate of the colonists.







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