Forces in Two Dimensions and Inclined Plane WebQuest



Before you begin this task, please click on the link below and go through them individually.

1. Motion and Forces in two dimensions.


2. Inclined Plane Force Components.


3. Mass on an incline


For the task follow the procedure below-

Divide into groups of 2-3 students per lab group . 

Print out the pdf of the lab sheet. The pdf is attached below.

Each lab station must have the following materials :- motion sensor, inclined plane, adapter, laptop with data studio installed, angle indicator, cart , ruler, bumper 

Without using angle indicator , set the track to an angle of 5 degrees and find the acceleration of the cart using the motion sensor and plotting velocity vs time graph on data studio.
Use the same method for different angle of incline and find acceleration of the car.
Obtain a relationship between the angle of incline and acceleration of the cart.
Determine which quantities to plot on what axis so that the graph will show a linear relationship between the angle of incline and the angle of acceleration of the cart and finally do the 4 step analysis to determine the slope of the graph.

Answer all the questions on the lab sheet.



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