La Clase de Español

Actividad de clase


  1. Raise your hand and say aloud (in English) ONE thing you did this past Heroes' Day.
  2. Now write it down in your notebook.
  3. click on the video below to find the conjugations for regular verbs in the Preterite tense in Spanish
  4. Now write each ending for each category of verb in your notebook. Remember to use a colored ink for each ending. 
  5. Use a different colored ink to highlight the accent marks for each category of verb
  6. Did you see any similarities/differences among the verb endings? What are they (if any)?
  7. Click the link to find some time markers/Preterite tense triggers https://www.cliffsnotes.com/~/media/3b55787b6350446391666f6acc1d0d69.ashx?la=en 
  8. Now go back to the sentence you wrote at the beginning of the class. Can you say all of it aloud in Spanish?
  9. Write the Spanish sentence next to the English sentence.
  10. watch these videos below for clarification
  11. Fall into your groups assigned in the previous class
  12. Gather materials that the teacher told you to take to/for class
  13. choose ONE of the following questions: create a picture story of any FIVE(5) things that you and your family did last summer OR create a display chart showing ALL three(3) categories of verbs in the Preterite tense. Remember to include time markers. BE CREATIVE

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