Therapeutic Hypothermia



Why should I learn about therapeutic hypothermia?

Please start by watching the video below describing one man's experience with cardiac arrest and how therapeutic hypothermia affected him.

This article discusses case studies showing the results of patients have used therapeutic hypothermia.

How do I care for a patient using therapeutic hypothermia?

Next, watch the youtube video below which discusses how to use therapeutic hypothermia in post cardiac arrest care.

This website gives an overview of the treatment protocols, cooling methods, as well as many important supportive therapies. Please take the time to read through each tab to gain insight on the topic.

This article includes a checklist that can be used during the initial cooling or induction phase, as well as the maintenance phase and re-warming phase and the post-warming phase.

Other important information

Click here to view the history of medically induced hypothermia, as well as to view results from studies that have been conducted.

It is also important to know that there are some exclusion criteria that could impact the ability to utilize therapeutic hypothermia. This article highlights those exclusion criteria and reviews the steps used to successfully cool a patient.

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