A weekend somewhere



In group of four prepare the following:

First, you need to prepare your PowerPoint.

1- Check the catalogue to look for the right clothes suggestions according to the place. (The places are Boquete, Las Lajas beach, Las nubes- Volcán, and David City)
2- Based on this information, create different fashion styles taking into account the trip members´ preferences. (Remember to describe the clothes using adjectives, comparatives, and superlatives)
3- When you finish planning your PowerPoint presentation, review it, check the rubrics!!

Then, you are going to prepare the booklet.

a) Go to the PowerPoint presentation and create the booklet with the information in a Word document. It should include one outfit for each place. 

b) Check your booklet when you finish and check the rubrics too!!

Example for the sentences in the booklet: (use pictures)

1-I think it is better to wear a short dress than a long dress for the beach.

2- A short dress is the best choice for a sunny day.

Your work can be organized in the way below:
1- One student gets the information about the places to go.
2- Other student looks for the clothes according to the places.
3- The other two students will compare the clothes and their prices and choose the right ones based on the amount of money available.
4- Together, organize the information and work on the previous tasks. 

(use pictures)



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