Revolutionary War



Now that you have researched key issues that sparked the Revolutionary War, you will now fill out the questions below. Then you will take the answers and information that you have collected to create a short essay.

1.) Research what the Siege of Yorktown was, and how it impacted the war.

2.) What were some major changes in the colonies once the war ended.

In the first paragraph, you should explain the two different viewpoints of the colonies and Britain whenever it came to what was fair with taxing. Then, discuss the phrase "no taxation without representation", and how the colonist used this phrase during this time.

In the second paragraph, you should explain the five events listed in the introduction and how they helped influence the Colonist rebellion against Britain that sparked the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

In the third paragraph explain how the war came to an ending. Think about what major battle signifies the ending of the Revolutionary War.

Lastly, in the fourth paragraph discuss how the end of the war brought about change in the colonies, and how it impacted what we now know as the United States of America.

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