Visiting Vatican City



Wonder why you have seen now twice a picture of people holding up puzzle pieces? This is exactly what you are going to do! Each group is going to master their topic, present it to class, so everyone has everything there is to know about the Sistine Chapel! 


Select a topic out of the hat. 

Topics include:

  • Overview of the Sistine Chapel
  • Michelangelo
  • Apostolic Palace
  • Fresco
  • High Renaissance 
  • Creation of Adam/The Last Judgement

Once all topics are selected, group together with others with your same topic. These are your groups for the project! There should be 3-5 people per group. 


Delegate Jobs to complete the project. I need to see that each person has contributed equally to the project. 

Jobs include finding a entertaining video that is an overview of your topic, and researching the Why, Who, What, When, Where, and How of your topic. 


Arrange information and video into a powerpoint. Get creative! Think outside the box and use the video as an intro, carefully arrange information to make sense, maybe create some type of interactive section. Be engaging and grab the attention of your classmates to learn about your topic! 

Also: Create 5 questions from the main points in your information. Each question has to have one specific answer. There will be a test compiling all the questions after everyone has presented. 


Prepare to present. Know who is speaking when, who is leading what, and practice at least once so the presentation is 10-15 minutes long. 


Hand in presentation and 5 questions to our schools portal under "Art History - Sistine Chapel" assignment. 


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