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Do you know how to use the simple past? Don't worry! today you will learn about it with simple examples, let's start.

Please watch the following videos:

Answaer the next question after you watched the video:

  1. Acording to what you saw, wath do we have to add to the verb when we talk about simple past?
  2. Do we have to add ''ed'' to all the verbs when we want to use them in past tense?

Practice with one of your classmates! Please ask one of your classmates y to practice the next role play of Student A and Student B with you

Student A: Where did you go last weekend?

Student B: Oh, I went to visit my grandmother with my parents and my sister, Where did you go last weekend?

Student A: Oh that is cool, I went to a safari with my family, it was amazing. I had an amazing time!

Student B: Wow, that sounds like so much fun! 

After the role play we have one more activity for you! Please answer the exercises, there are 20 sentences you will be completing with verbs in past tense.

Please go to the next website: http://www.english-room.com/pasttense_6a.htm

In this one you will find a list with irregular verbs in past tense: https://learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org/grammar-vocabulary/grammar-videos/past-simple-irregular-verbs

Don't forget to check your answers when you are finished, practice untill you have the 20 sentences correct.



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