Seasons and what to wear



1.  First,  you will watch and listening to the next videos that are belong. Enter in the links. ( Individual task) 

2.  Second, while you are watching the videos take notes about:

a)  The four seasons ( Spring, winter, summer, autumn)

a.1) Weather characteristics for each one.

a.2) Activities you can do in each one.

a.3) Clothing you must wear in each one.

The four season, weather characteristics, clothes to wear: 






winter clothing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McUKYXGLHfs


3. Third, make groups of six students each one Each group is going to develop one season.  (spring, winter, atumn, summer) 

4. In your group, discuss with your classmates about the notes you take.

5. Group work ( each group has six students and each group is going to present one season)

5.1 You are going to organize a fashion show with the information you got from the videos. You must include :

  • Season (name)
  • Weather conditions characteristics to the season (at least three)
  • Activites to do in this season (at least four)
  • Clothing to wear in this season (at least six different pieces of clothing)

5.2 You must create your own clothing by using the materials provided by the teacher (paper, glue, silicon, scissors, paints, stapler, color pencils. among others)

5.3 You must create a script about  what are you going to present in the fashion show. You must follow the next order: 

  • The season: Introduce the season that correspond to your team. ( example: Today we are going to present the new winter collection)
  • weather conditions characteristics: Describe how is the weather in the corresponding season.
  • Activities: What kind of activities you can do in this season.
  • Clothing: Decribe what kind of clothing is appropiate for this season

5.4 Role of the students

  • Clothing designers: the six students
  • Script writers: the six students (use the notes)
  • Hosts of the fashion show: two students
  • Models : Four students

5.5 Order of the fashion show

  • First: The host 1 intoduces the season( example: Today we are going to present the new winter collection)
  • Second host: He or she describes features about the weather condition in the season and what kind of activities can be enjoy.
  • Third: The models appear one by one in the runway.
  • Fourth: The host 2 describes the clothing the models are wearing.

6. Take turns to take pictures during the fashion show with your smart phones, and use the photos to create a power point, prezi, powtoon  or movimaker presentation. 

7. Share the presentation with the rest of the class and tell how was the experience during the accomplishing of the tasks. 

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