As you begin your journey, make sure you take good notes when you visit each planet. Click here to discover all the information you need from each planet of the solar system. You will explore important facts that will help you create your solar system digital presentation! 

But first, the Mission Control Team guides you to answer the following questions related to the planets and some of their features. They must be sent to the Mission Control Team email:  maryfe0122@gmail.com  in a word document format. Do not forget to write your name astronauts.

  1. Name all the eight planets in order from closest to the sun.
  2. Which planet is about the same size as Earth?
  3. Where does the Asteroid Belt mostly orbits?
  4. What is the largest planet on the Solar System?
  5. What in the name of the spacecraft that orbits Jupiter? and, when did the spacecraft arrived at Jupiter?
  6. Which planet has two sets of rings and 27 known moons?
  7. What is Triton?

After you have done the trip to all the planets, you have a new mission to go specifically to Saturn planet in the same page provided before and find the spacecraft that orbits around the planet, click on it and unlock the description by playing and advance in the game. If you do not find the game click here and follow the steps one more time. You must submit the name and description of the spacecraft in the previous document as question number 8.

You are now ready to come back to Earth! Remember to create your digital presentation, make sure that the order of the planets are clearly displayed and that each planet is labeled and has a small description. Be sure to include at least two facts about each planet in your descriptions. You may make a prezi, powtoon or a PowerPoint presentation. Other visual displays must be approved by the Mission Control Team before you begin.

Be creative and have fun, Astronauts! 

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