American History: A lesson in Segregation




Below you will find the break down in a day to day view as to what you will do to complete  you mission that requires time travel. 

Day 1:

  • Learn about civil right by doing an online research using the key word civil rights movement.  Then research two historical figures;
  • Rosa Parks and Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. 
  • Students you will then write down 2 facts that you found interesting about these two figures. 

Day 2: 

  • Vocabulary review and Language review
  • Segregation, civil rights, constitution, racism, and racial discrimination
  • Group discussion will take place about what was learned from the vocabulary. 
  • Group discussion about the southern accents, language, and what was considered social acceptance in that time.

Day 3:

  • Students will act out the event that made history, Rosa Parks on the bus as well as what lead to that and what transpired after what was done was done. 

Day 4:

  • Read, "American Civil Rights Movement" by Emily Mahoney. 
  • Take notes on important facts  read in the passages of the book. 

Day 5:

  • Watch the movie Selma, and have a group discussion based on what was watched. 

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