Timeline: Our Lives



Step One: Gather your information. You will need baby pictures, pictures of you growing up, drawings, samples of past work, and lots of remembering! 

Step Two: Once you have gathered your primary sources, you must choose a method in which you will create a timeline of your life. Your timeline must begin from the day you are born. The middle of your timeline is the life you've lived since you were born to now. This could include a picture or video of the day you scored your first goal or pictures from a memorable fishing trip you took with your grandpa. The end of your timeline should be how you see your future. This could include any aspirations or wishes. For example, if you wish to be a movie star or a doctor, you could include a picture or drawing of yourself dressed as such. 

*You can choose a variety of methods in which to make a timeline. You can choose a good old fashioned Powerpoint presentation or spice it up using an animation tool. I will link some below. *

Step Three: After choosing a method in which you'd like to convey your timeline, make sure to begin placing the events on your timeline in chronological order - as in the order the events occurred - from first to last. Make sure to place pictures, videos, drawings, or samples of your work in the sequence the events occurred. 

Step Four: After placing your pictures, videos, drawings, or samples of your work in a sequence, make sure to go back and include annotations or captions under each of the events on your timeline. This could include dates, the names of people included in the event, or a description of the event on the timeline. 

Step Five: After completing your project, you will share and present to the rest of the class so we can join you on your journey to the past, present, and the future. 


Web Link
  • Animoto
    Description: Animoto is a video creation service that produces video from photos, video clips, and music into video slideshows.

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  • Prezi
    Description: Prezi is web-based presentation software.

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  • Timeline
    Description: You can also choose to create your timeline here.

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