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Before you  begin yur journey ye will review place value and do a basic place value activity.  Then, set sail on the seas in hopes of gatherin an abundance of treasures. After successfully beatin the other pirates, defeatin rival ships, sailin over vicious sharks, and savin your food supply ye will be very close to retrievin ye valuable treasure. You must put yur place value skills to the test in the Place Value Pirates worksheet, and then claim ye treasure!

Adventure time!
Before startin yur journey make sure ye be ready. You must have paper and pencils ready for yur journey.

Step 1: Watch the "You are a Pirate" video and become a pirate!

Step 2: Now that ye be a pirate, review yur place value knowlege by watchin and participatin in the Links Learning Place Value Video. Remember ye brought along paper and pencils if ye be needin 'em.

Step 3: Before settin sail review yur place value skills in the HMH School Publishers ELab one last time to make sure ye be ready to journey the high seas.

Step 4: Sail ho! Now that ye hit the high seas in search of ye beloved treasure, beware 'o the bad pirates ye encounter. Ye just caught sight of another ship's sail, in order to protect yur ship ye must give no quarter (refuse to spare ye opponents lives) to oncoming ships. Use the Decimals of the Caribbean to ward off the other ships.

Step 5: Ye now be safe from attacking ships, but what lies beneath is cause for worry. If ye pass the Shark Number game ye be seein dolphins jump, but if ye fail ye best be lookin for another ship.

Step 6: Blimey! Even though ye defeated the ship eatin sharks, yur ship bilged on her anchor (your ship was pierced by its own anchor). Ye are loosing yur food supplies by the second and must count yur money in the Fruit Shoot Dollars and Cents game in order to replace yur goods. Ye may use yur trustworthy supplies if needed.

Step 7: Sink me! Ye just replaced yur supplies and now ye be attacked by those no good stealin pirates. They know where the treasure lies so eliminate them in the Place Value Pirate's one by one in order to get ye first clue to where the treasure is hidden.

Step 8: Now that ye be safe from attackin pirates, ye must follow the Scavenger Hunt clues to retrieve ye treasure. Use the "Clues to Sir Francis Place Value's Treasure" page to record yur answers. Ye teacher will be puttin ye in groups of 5, and ye must work with yur mates as a team to find the motherload. Each mate is required to answer one clue in order to move on to the next clue. Now go meet with yur mates to begin the search.

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