Implementing RTI to Ensure the Success of ALL Students



The addition of an RTI Team to Sewell Elementary and the establishment of a meeting schedule will help to ensure ongoing communication, collaboration, and effective decision-making regarding student needs (Bayat, Mindes,& Covitt, 2010).  This team will enable the next phase of the action plan, which is to implement a three-tiered approach to address the specific needs of struggling students:
  • The first Tier (Tier I) will consist of quality instructional practices occurring in the general education setting with grade-level curriculum and problem-solving strategies for addressing motivation, behavior, and accountability of all students (Fuchs et al., 2014).
  • Tier II will be our targeted interventions, provided with research-based small group instructional programs occurring daily for identified students as a supplement to Tier I learning (Fuchs et al., 2014).
  • Tier III will be intensive interventions provided by trained staff members to a smaller subset of identified students, consistently and in addition to both Tier I and II instruction (Fuchs et al., 2014).
An essential part of the action plan to help all students academically achieve is to build an environment of trust and community, where families and school personnel feel a shared responsibility for student improvement (Leithwood, Day,Sammons, Harris, & Hopkins, 2006).  
Valuable resources towards this step are provided with the following links:
Clark County School District Family and Community Engagement Services (FACES):  javascript:nicTemp();

Nevada Department of Education, Parent Involvement and Family Engagement: javascript:nicTemp();

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