Suicide Prevention Training



Phase 1: For each individual staff member. Below are  links to videos, literature and resources that will help you develop your list of ten suicide prevention strategies as well as deciding which suicide assessment screening tool would best fit your acute care psychiatric facility with rationale. You will forward your list and screening tool choice to the instructor for review.

Phase 2: You will be randomly assigned three Case Studies dealing with suicide, as well as two partners.  You and your partners will now review three Case Studies and apply the information learned to choose the patient you feel had the highest risk for suicide. Your group will make a detailed record of the rationale for your choice.

Phase 3: You and your partners will develop a PowerPoint Presentation which accurately gives an overview of the case study, risk factors for suicide, what prevention strategies could be employed with supporting evidence, an overview of how you would use a suicide screening tool you have developed. You will have 15 minutes to present your presentation to peers. Each group member is actively encouraged to take part in the actual presentation of the material. You will be evaluated by a scoring Rubric which is available for viewing in the, 'Evaluation' link on this site. The presentation should be engaging, and creative. Be prepared to take questions from instructor and peers at the conclusion of your presentation.


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Objective #3 Highest Risk Factor Case Studies

Description: You will be presented with three vignettes of patient's presenting to an acute care psychiatric facility for suicidal ideation. Your task is to assess the risk factor for each, choose the patient with the highest risk factor for suicide, and give your rationale. Objective #3 Predict patientís with the highest risk for a suicide attempt while in hospital. Bloomís Taxonomy (Analysis)-- Created using PowToon
Objective #2 Suicide Prevention Screening Tools - Glogster

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