A Sweet Change in Season



Step 1: Students will watch a video and listen to a song about the four seasons two times.

Step 2: Students will cut out and read fun facts about maple syrup and try to find which season is best for producing maple syrup. When they find the fun fact that states, "As sugar maples grow, they convert starch into sugar. This sugar mixes with water absorbed by the trees’ roots. When temperatures start to climb in the spring, the water-sugar mixture expands, forcing its way from the roots up through the tree. That is why it is important to tap trees in the late Winter and early Spring to allow the sap to run when it is time," they will glue it to the next available page in their writing journal and draw a picture that goes along with this statement.

Step 3: Students will choose what their favorite season is and color the corresponding color page. Students will write on the back of the color page why that season is their favorite. 

Step 4: Students will join back at the circle rug and those who choose to may share their favorite season with the class. We will then read a book about the seasons.

Step 5: After reading the book students will play a trivia game. They will be asked a question such as "In which season does the snow fall?" After the game, students will receive a prize for answering the questions and listening carefully to the teacher.



Four Seasons in a Year



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