Sewing Tools and Equipment



You will view a role-play on sewing tools and equipment which will be done by your peers. 

  1. You will be divided into five groups and each group will be placed around five tables. On each table is a worksheet for each group to complete and tools and equipment for you to use to answer the worksheet.
  2. You will be given 15 minutes to observe the different tools on the table, after which they will be asked to complete a worksheet. 

Explore for Yourself..... 

1. Look at the different tools and equipment and identify their similarities and differences. Do they belong together?


1. _________________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________________________

4. _________________________________________________________________

5. _________________________________________________________________


1. _________________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________________________

4. _________________________________________________________________

5. _________________________________________________________________

2. Have you ever seen these tools being used? For what purpose are they used?

3. Based on the characteristics you identified, if you were given the opportunity to find one general name for these types of tools, what would you name them?

Group 1 / Table 1

Image result for sewing tools and equipment drawing          Image result for thread

Group 2 / Table 2

Image result for pressing tools and equipment     Related image

Group 3 / Table 3

Image result for marking tools and equipment in sewing   Image result for tailors carbon paper and tracing wheelImage result for tailors carbon paper and tracing wheel   

 Group 4 / Table 4

Image result for l square and hip curve   Image result for tape measure in sewing   Image result for marking tools and equipment in sewingImage result for l square and hip curveImage result for marking tools and equipment in sewing

Group 5 / Table 5

Image result for cutting tools and equipment in sewing
Image result for seam ripper

Each group will by means of oral presentation give their responses to the worksheet.

Each group will be given:

1. A handout with information on the category they are focusing on.

2. A handout with pictures of the different tools and equipment they are focusing on.

3. The equipment on the table that belongs to their category. 

Students will do a research on the selected category to answer the following questions:

Identify the tools that come under each category

State their uses

Explain how you would care for each tool

Each group will by means of oral presentation/ dub poem/ song or dramatization, explain to their classmates: the tools that come under their category, the uses of the equipment and also explain how they would care for sewing tools they were given to read on.

 Class Activity

Your mother just bought a sewing kit. Categorize the sewing tools that may be found in it using the following headings:
Measuring Tools      Marking Tools   Cutting Tools        Sewing Tools        Pressing Tools      (This should be done in a table format)

Tape measure, dressmaker’s carbon, sewing machine, shears, thread clipper, tailor’s chalk, seam ripper, tracing wheel, scissors, sleeve board, thread, pinking shears, hand sewing needles, dressmaker’s pencil, ruler, sewing gauge, iron, sewing machine, metre/yard stick, pin cushion, pressing cloth, thimble.


Collect pictures and clippings of sewing equipment and tools, and make a wall chart for your class. Use your creativity to arrange and mount them for an interesting display. 


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