Attention: 7th and 8th grade Mathematics student.

You have an important mission (because your findings will be useful in applying it to real life experience).

Step 1: What is ratio?

Book: Elementary Algebra by Hall and Knight

Definition: Ratio is the relation which one quantity bears to another of the same kind, the comparison being made by considering what multiple, part, or parts, one quantity is of the other.  

Step 2: Understanding Ratio

The ratio of A to B is usually written A:B. The quantities A and B are called the terms of the ratio. The first term is called the antecedent, the second term the consequent.

Step 3: Writing a ratio as a fraction

Book: Elementary Algebra by Hall and Knight

To find what multiple or part A is of B we divide A by B; hence the ratio A:B may be measure by the fraction A/B, and we shall usually find it convenient to adopt this notation.

Book: Basic mathematical skills with geometry fourth edition by Streeter, Hutchison and Hoelzle.

Write the ratio 3 to 5 as a fraction.

To compare 3 to 5, we write the ratio of 3 to 5 as 3/5. So 3/5 also means "the ratio of 3 to 5."

Step 4: Writing a ratio in simplest form

See your math textbook or read mathematics a complete course with CXC questions: volume one.

Step 5: An application comparing unlike quantities

Example: The cost of 32 ounces (oz) of orange juice is $1.50. Write the ratio of ounces to cost (in cents).

= 4oz/15

How is this so?
We divided the numerator and denominator by 8. Because the units are different, we write them in the fraction.

Step 6: Overview of ratio

See link below


Step 7: Games and Quiz

Do each games and quiz, record each grade and place it in the project at the back on a page for itself. 


Ratio and Proportion - Ratio

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