NO to Smoking



Task 1:

On the task 1, it is an individual work. You will answer 3 Big Questions and you will write it in your notebook. So these are the questions:

1. What is smoking? Is it good or bad to our health?

2. What are the strategies or ways to prevent and control the use of tobacco products like cigarettes? 

3. What are the effects of smoking in our health? and why is it important to know the effects of smoking? Discuss.

Task 2:Advertisement

On the task 2, it is a group work composed of 3 members each. You can freely choose your group mates.

You will use our classroom supplies (crayons, marker, pastel, ruler, pencil) to create an advertisement/poster convincing students to STOP smoking/NOT to use the cigarette.

The poster must contain a slogan or a title & in no more than ten words, but should use strong visual images to express your point.  

The links below will help you to know more about smoking and its effect on health.


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