Plant Party



Before beginning the lesson, fill out what you already know about plants in the "K" portion of your "KWL" chart. Then, write what you want to know in the "W" part of your chart. We will fill out the "L" after the lesson. KWL Chart

[1] First you will learn about the different parts of plants.

  • Watch  and sing along with this video about the parts of plants: Plant Rap;
  • Then, play this game to test what you learned: Plant Parts
  • After that, we are going to make this flower craft together: Flower Craft
[2] Next, you will learn how a seed grows into a plant. You will also learn how to grow a plant and what it needs to survive.
Class discussion: We will discuss as a class what a plant needs to survive such as soil, water, and sunlight. We will also discuss what area in our classroom would provide the best environment for plants to grow. 

Discussion question: Will daily weather conditions help or hurt the plant's growth each day? (sunny, cloudy, rainy, etc.)

Lastly, we will plant seeds together as a class: Plant Investigation
Throughout four weeks, we will observe our plants and track their growth using a string.
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