Risks and Benefits of Oil Drilling for American Oil



Step 1:Using the link below, you and your partner will watch the video titled, "Dirty Jobs: Drilling for Oil."  and review what happened on the Deepwater Horizon. Be sure to take notes if you see or hear any information that might be important.

Dirty Jobs

Gulf of Mexico Explosion

Step 2: Using the information gathered independently, you and your partner will compare information to support your position for or against oil drilling. Together, you will read through a series of questions and answers regarding a recent oil spill that took place near the Gulf of Mexico and watch a video debating the reason for the BP oil spill.

Reason for the BP oil spill 

Debate: Offshore Oil Drilling

Step 3: Using the photo gallery tab that is on the side of this page, you and your partner will journey through an oil drilling photo gallery.  This photo gallery, with both old and new pictures, will help to improve your historical knowledge of oil drilling.   

Step 4: Now that you have gained a significant amount of information about oil drilling, you are ready to decide if you will be for or against the proposed oil drilling plan.

Step 5: Once you have decided your point of view, you are ready to create your PowerPoint Presentation.  Using the rubric listed under "Teacher Evaluation," you and your partner will create your presentation.

Your PowerPoint Presentation needs to include the following:

  • A clear position either for or against the oil drilling project using your Risks and Benefits Debate worksheet (info. below)
  • Position quote
  • 3 oil drilling facts: environmental, economic, and energy 
  • 3 problems associated with your position.
  • 3 solutions to those problems.
  • Argument statement (at least 4-5 sentences)
  • Graphic or Image on each slide.

Risks and Benefits Debate


Now it is time to prepare for a debate on the risks and benefits of offshore oil drilling. To help you prepare for this debate, you should use the resources you can get to from the Oil Drilling student worksheet to gather information. You can use this sheet to help guide you in your research. In taking notes or forming statements of fact to structure your argument, you might choose to start with a position quote you are "defending" or illustrate with facts from the online resources and other research. Don't forget to use the resource from Step 2: Debate: Offshore Oil Drilling

For Benefits of Offshore Oil Drilling:

Supporting Web sites:

(Benefits of Drilling for American Oil)

(Offshore Oil Drilling Might Make Environmental Sense)

Against Risks of Offshore Oil Drilling 

(What lives in the Gulf of Mexico)

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