Family Types




     You (children) will be placed into groups of two where you will view a PowerPoint presentation on three different types of family such as nuclear, single and extended as well as the importance of a family.You will then be asked to identify the different  types of family that they have observed. After which you will discuss the different types of family depicted on the PowerPoint presentation, and the teacher will then ask you to describe or tell which type of family you belong  and name family member to make sure you are correct.
  •  You will be placed in pairs to work at each computer. Groups will engage in conversation as they share with each other their previous knowledge.
  • Teacher will show a video on family to elaborate and build on your knowledge of the topic.
  • Each of you should identify the different types of family shown. The teacher and you (children) will engage in discussion about each type of family.
  • After discussion is completed you will return to your pairs and engage in an activity in the PowerPoint. This will require you to draw members of your family using various shapes on the computer.  You will also use an audacity podcast to create a story or role play members of your family.

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