Tomie dePaola Author Study



**Your first assignment is to find out more information about the author. You will need to do some research. Using the tools and knowledge you learned in class, search the internet for more information about Tomie. Use the attachment # 1 worksheet to keep yourself organized.
Here are some websites to help you get started.

You still have one more thing to do for your first assignment, find a website that you would like to share with your classmates to help them find additional research about Tomie.

**Your second task is to choose two of the books from the following list and compare the books using a venn diagram. (use attachment #2 to complete this task).

The Legend of the Pointsetta
Big Anthony and the Magic Ring
Strega Nona
Strega Nona Takes a Vacation
26 Fairmount Avenue
Charlie Needs a Cloak
Oliver Button is a Sissy
The Legend of Bluebonnet
Now One Foot, Now the Other


**Your third task will be to write a friendly letter to Tomie. You will be doing this in a word document so you will need to open up Microsoft Word. Remeber all of the parts that you need in your letter.  You will also need to fill out an envelope so you can mail the letter to Tomie. Here is Tomie's Address.      

                                  Tomie dePaola
                                  Penguine Young Readers Group
                                  345 Hudson Street
                                  New York, NY 10014

If you get stuck, remember what you learned in class and don't forget Arthur is here to help! (click on the hyperlink to get help writing your letter from Arthur),
http://pbskids.org/arthur/games/letterwriter/ . You can always ask me or your classmates for help. This will need to be proof read before you can send it in the mail.

**Your Fourth and final task is to use all of the information that you have learned and write your book review. Choose a book and write your book review for the newspaper. Make sure you include the author and title of the book, main idea(s) of the story, what you liked and/or disliked about the story and the characters, your favorite part in the story (if you had one), overall feelings about the story, and if you would recommend the story (why or why not).

Use Attachment #3 to help keep your thoughts and main points organized. Remember you want to be clear and concise so that your reader knows what you are saying about the book you are reviewing.
This will need to be typed, be creative with your review and how it looks.
Click on this link to view some example book reviews:



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