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Road Trip with 4G in the Southeast Region of the United States

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Process Process

 1: Students will decide on roles for each member of the group as follows:
  •      Organizer- this person is keep all paperwork together for the group  when the planning sessions end each class day.
  •      Planner: this student will lead the group helping to assign tasks, track progress, sort out any difficulties in product or members.
  •      Designer: student will collate information gathered into sections to be used on glogster.
  •       Master of Ceremony: This student will present finished glogster to the class.

  While each of the group members has a specific job, all group members will work together gathering research of their states for the final project.

 2: Groups will choose from the sorting hat two states which they will be in charge of researching for the project

 3: Students will read first read National Geographics' The Southeast book and gather information on their states then view the accompanying video (classroom activity).

 4: Students will use a variety of online resources to research and gather information on travel, accommodations, state landmarks, historic buildings, tourist attractions, cultural experiences, and state's history.

 5: Once all students have participated in the research process together they will narrow down the top five places to visit, stay, and mode of transportation while visiting their states as well as the plan on how they will travel to their states.

 6: When students have narrowed their choices they will decide on their final travel itinerary and plan how this will be presented on the glogster.

7: Students will map out plan on paper of what information each student will include on the glogster.

 8: Glogsters will be presented to the class!

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