"A Journey to Peru"



 1. The first thing that you must do is familiarize yourself with Peru. In order to do this you will need to print out a copy of the worksheet (or your teacher will hand it out to you.) In order to complete the worksheet you will need the following link:




2. Now you can use the web sites provided below to gather information for your brochure. Your brochure will need to include the following and all the information must be written in Spanish:



- A map of Peru

- At least 4 pictures

- A basic fact box including the following

    - capital city

    - population

    - languages spoken

    - weather

    - best time to visit 

    - currency

- Suggestions for clothing items to be brought

- Descriptions of food offered

- Attractions and things to do

-Cities/Regions of interest



Web Resources:



 Virtual Peru - This is a great place to learn about Peru. Here you will find brief but detailed information about Peru with lots of photographs.

Explore Peru - This is a fantastic site to find information about the cities and sites of Peru.

Peru Geography 2000 - This site will help you with any basic facts that you are missing.

Con-Tiki Tours and Travel - This site will give you some information about travel tours that are already available. Also some examples of what an Itinerary should look like (your don't need to be as long as some of these are).

Peru at a Glance - Some useful information here. Lots of information about cities and some good advice for tourists.

Culture Focus - Here is a good general overview of Peru and its culture.

Peru - This is a good place to look at photos of Peru.


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