Schools Around the World




You will now begin your journey around the world! There are 3 quests, 1 for each group member. Each of you will get new information about schools around the world. Remember the things you've learned because you'll get to share them with your class. 

Quest #1: Classrooms around the room are all unique. Your job is to notice the things that are the same and different between the schools. Sometimes classrooms don't have pencils or paper, sometimes they don't have working bathrooms, and sometimes there are 70 students in one room.

At this website, you will look at photos of classrooms all over the world and notice what they are like. 


Watch this video of your new friend, Josiane, who lives in a place called Central America.


Take note of the photos on this website.


Quest #2: Every day, you have people in your life who take you to school and encourage you to go. Even though you may not always want to go to school, you have the opportunity. Your task is to gather data on students around the world who may not have the same daily experiences. 

Explore this map of the world and take notes on how many students attend school in the different areas.


Look through the facts on this website and copy down two or three that stand out to  you the most.


Quest #3: Each morning, you walk, ride your bike, take the bus, or drive in a car to get to school. Around the world, students get to school in many different ways. Your job is to explore the different ways in which students get to school each day. 

At this website, read the paragraph about how kids get to school.


Notice the photos of children getting to school and think about how this is different from your experience every day.



Now that you have completed your research, you will meet up with your other two group members. You will be working together to create a presentation about the information you discovered.

1. Gather your materials. You will be using chart paper and markers.

2. Write down at least 6 facts (2 from each group member) that you would like to share with your classmates.

3. Create a graffiti board where you illustrate the facts you learned about. Make sure you are using lots of pictures! 

4. Prepare to share your graffiti board with the class.

In the performance you are expected to:

  • Share your new-found knowledge about schools around the world
  • Explain what stood out to you the most
  • Give your classmates an idea about your grown perspective after your research

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