Around Poland in 7 Days



You will work in two groups: Travel Agents and Family. To make your cooperation easier you might use GoogleDocs. Ask your teacher to create a document for your team and allow you and your classmates access to it. The document will help you work with your team online.

Group 1 (Travel Agents):

Step 1. Name your travel agency and create its logo (your itinerary will need it).

Step 2. Create a detailed itinerary (for seven days, with all the expanses). You are also responsible for calculating the budger which must be accepted by your clients (the family of 4). From here on, the group will split into four. Each of you will have different responsibilities for planning this trip. You must choose one of the four roles.

1) Transport planner - You will researchall the family's transport needs and costs. List the airline(s), flight number(s), departing city/destination, and cost per person for each flight you will take to get to/from Poland. Don't forget about the transport around Poland (bus,car, plane, train).

2) Sightseeing planner - You will research and plan the activities associated with your areas of interest. You have to fulfil the family's requests. Your clients want to visit 4 Polish cities which are a must but they don't remember their names. However,they have mentioned some information that might be helpful:  

a) Maria Skłodowska-Curie, the first and only Nobel laureate in two different sciences and first female professor at the Sorbonne University was born there.

b) It was the capital of Poland for over 500 years from 1038 to 1596.

c) Nicolaus Copernicus, the famous 16th century astronomer who first suggested the Sun was the centre of our universe was born there.

The clients haven't decided on the fourth city yet. They will let you know soon but the name will be also given as a riddle.

3) Lodging (where to stay) planner - You will research all the different types of hotels in the cities chosen by your clients and plan where the family will stay in each area. What are the names of the hotels?  How many nights will the family spend there? What is the cost per night and per trip? What amenities do these hotels provide?

4) Cuisine specialist - You will plan what types of restaurants are going to be included in the trip and present their menu and cost of meals for only 5 days (without the days you will travel to and from Poland).

Be realistic while planning the trip and calculating its cost. The clients have 4,000 euros for four people. Consider transport costs to Poland and between the areas. Don't forget about the costs of the accommodation and meals. Try to make the cost of the whole trip a bit lower as the family needs pocket money (for sweets, souvenirs, presents).

Group 2 (Family)

Mother is a family accountant (she makes sure you don't go over your budget). She is responsible for negotiating all the costs of the trip with the travel agency and presenting them in the diary.

Father is a family photographer (he takes photographs and chooses the best ones for your travel diary).

The first child is a family writer (he/she describes your trip).

The second child is a presenter (he/she chooses the tool for creating your travel diary, creates the diary online and gives the presentation to your friends.

The parents check if there are no mistakes in their children's work.

Step 1.

The travel agency suggested visiting 3 cities. You want to visit one more. Maybe you could choose something from this video presenting some weird places to visit in Poland. Watch it, twice or more if you desire. Inform your favourite travel agency about your choice. However, you should hide the name in a riddle. Tell the agency about all your interests and requests concerning the cities you'd like to visit. If you think the trip is too expensive for you (you have a budget of 4,000 euros for your family), you have to negotiate a lower price. You should have some money for shopping.

Step 2.

You got the detailed itinerary from your travel agency and went on a trip of your lifetime! You tried to follow the itinerary. During the trip you created a travel diary. Your friends can't wait to see it. Don't forget to tell us if you managed to stay within your budget (4,000 euros). Did you buy anything extra (e.g. souvenirs, sweets, presents)? If yes, what is it?


Below is a list of websites that you can use to find the information for each piece of the project.  


Web Link

Web Link

Web Link

Web Link

Web Link

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