A Webquest for First Grade Library Skills



Task 1: 1. Click on the first attachment folder below to open the "Parts of a Book" PowerPoint. 2. Left click the mouse to advance each slide. 3. Follow directions to explore the parts of a book.


Task 2: 1. Check to see if you are ready to become a very good classroom librarian by reviewing the parts of a book. 2. Click on http://www.oswego.org/ocsd-web/match/term/draggeneric.asp?filename=jwildepartsofbook1 to open the "Parts of a Book Game." 3. After reading the description click on it and drag it to the box that is the best match. 4. After you have finished, click on the "check" button to see your score. 5. Don't worry if it is not perfect. You may try again by changing your answers and clicking on the "check" button again.


Task 3: Now that you know the parts of a book, you need to know how to teach members of your class the proper way to care for them. 1. Click on http://www.richmond.k12.va.us/schools/jones/Bkcare/abcslides.htm  to open the PowerPoint presentation entitled, "ABC's of Book Care." 2. Press the "enter" key to advance to the next letter of the alphabet. 3. Think about why it is important to follow these rules when borrowing books from the library.


Task 4: 1. Using the pre-cut template, create a bookmark. 2. On one side draw a picture of a book and label at least 3 parts. 3. On the other side, explain one way to properly care for a book, and illustrate it.


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